This comprehensive source of information on the use of marine aggregate in construction provides technical information and links to sources of detailed information to assist in specifying and use of marine aggregate. The Marine Aggregate Information Centre is managed on behalf of The Crown Estate and supported by the Marine Aggregate Industry
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Uses of marine aggregates

The main use of marine aggregates is in the manufacture of concrete. Nearly 80% of the marine aggregates landed for construction purposes are used as concrete aggregate, increasing to nearly 90% in London and the South East of England. By contrast 60% of land-won sand and gravel production and 16% of crushed rock is sold as concrete aggregate.

Marine aggregates are also widely used in the production of

  • Asphalt and coated products
  • Masonry and paving blocks
  • Drainage and fill materials
  • Leisure facilities
  • Sports pitches
  • Golf courses
  • Equestrian facilities
  • Horticulture products
  • Steel manufacture
  • Beach replenishment

Further information

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