This comprehensive source of information about marine aggregate and its use in construction provides technical information and links to sources of detailed information to assist in specifying and use of marine aggregate. This is managed on behalf of The Crown Estate and supported by the Marine Aggregate Industry.

What are marine aggregates?

LINKS 1Marine aggregates are naturally occurring sand and gravels found on the inner continental shelf off the UK coast.

Marine aggregates and construction

LINKS 1Large volumes of marine sand and gravel have been used in construction projects over the last century and into the present.

Case studies

LINKS 1Examples of how marine aggregates have contributed to major construction projects.

Dredging and processing

LINKS 1Production of Marine Aggregates is essentially two phases, the dredging process and the aggregate processing.

Downloads and links

LINKS 1Download key documents and links to other websites relating to marine aggregates and the dredging industry

Green credentials

LINKS 1Dredging operators manage their operations in ways that minimise any effects on the marine environment and its other users